Official cooperation between “Heritage Chinese Language Proficiency Test” and CIG   [13.07.2020]

Official cooperation between “Heritage Chinese Language Proficiency Test” and CIG

Chinese language is an indispensable link to achieve "a family of Chinese in the world" among overseas Chinese. Due to differences in the social environment of various countries, overseas Chinese education lacks a clear basis for evaluation. The Heritage Chinese Language Proficiency Test, shortened as HSC, has been developed by the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University, entrusted by the former Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, and serves as a standardized and unified examination worldwide. 

The "test" refers to a level test specifically designed for overseas Chinese education. This test, which was not available in the past, is named the Heritage Chinese Language Proficiency Test. HSC puts an end to the former situation of "teaching without testing" in overseas Chinese education.

(Illustration: image of HSC)

CIG studied HSC’s designing principles, test paper structure, test mode, test level and other relevant information, and communicated deeply with the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University. An agreement was finally reached between the two parties, and an official online signing was completed on 28th June 2020. We believe that HSC will greatly improve the Chinese language level of overseas Chinese youth.

(Illustration: letter of authorization)

(Video: Professor Hanwei WANG introducing HSC)


Overview of HSC

Suitable group: overseas Chinese teenagers

Designing principles: It is a five-level examination framework based on the Chinese language proficiency standard. The main content is reflected in five aspects including Chinese character, vocabulary, grammar, tasks and culture.

Relations between HSC and the language level of primary and secondary schools in China: "Can it be linked?" This is also a common concern for overseas Chinese. HSC is not a native language examination, but a "heritage language" test, which is related by percentage to the level of native language ability. HSC is based on the standard for Chinese native language ability of different age groups, but the requirements are appropriately reduced and adjusted.

Relations between the age and level: (Illustration: table) 


Characteristics: "High threshold" is one of the main differences between HSC as a heritage language test and other tests of Chinese as a foreign language. The setting of each test is about 70% of the ability of native Chinese speakers in the same age group. Native language inheritance could be realized if it can reach 70% of the ability of native Chinese speakers by the age of 18. Taking the Chinese character outline as an example, recognition and writing are important criteria. Further adjustments are set as follows after test practice:

(Chinese character form)


We hope that HSC will help overseas Chinese teenagers understand their language level and ability, increase their interest in learning Chinese, and adjust their learning progress and methods in a timely manner. We also hope that they will keep a long-term continuous learning in Chinese language and truly inherit and carry forward our Chinese culture!

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