Visit of the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (Beijing Qiaolian) Delegation   [19.10.2023]

Visit of the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (Beijing Qiaolian) Delegation 


On October 17, 2023, Director Chu Jun of the Chinese Institute Geneva Foundation (CIG) in Switzerland welcomed a delegation from the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese (Beijing Qiaolian). The delegation was led by Vice Chairman Su Yong of the Beijing Qiaolian and included Chairman Shi Yue of the Haidian District Qiaolian, Director Zhao Qin of the Overseas Liaison Department of the Beijing Qiaolian, and Deputy Minister Qi Chang of the Social Work Department of the Beijing Qiaolian.

During their visit to Switzerland, the delegation visited the CIG and other Chinese language schools. The purpose of the visit was twofold: to reconnect with overseas Chinese groups given the limited opportunities to meet due to the pandemic over the past three years and to engage in discussions and exchanges to better understand the situation.

Upon their arrival, the delegation engaged in a warm and friendly discussion with prominent overseas Chinese, including CIG Director Chu Jun and President Chen Jinpin of the Fujian Association in Switzerland. Vice Chairman Su opened the meeting by introducing CIG Director Chu Jun as a native of Beijing who had been appointed as an overseas committee member of the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. When the pandemic first broke out, CIG Director Chu Jun, along with CIG students, teachers, staff, and members of the community, initiated a fundraising campaign to donate ten thousand medical masks to the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. These masks were successfully delivered to various medical institutions in Beijing on the second day of the Chinese New Year, thanks to the arrangements made by the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese. Throughout the pandemic, overseas Chinese generously contributed funds and supplies, providing significant support for pandemic prevention and control in China. The delegation expressed their heartfelt gratitude to all overseas Chinese organizations, leaders, and the broader overseas Chinese community for their hard work and strong support.


The delegation also introduced the economic and social development of Beijing, the historical background of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, and the various activities they have been involved in over the years. They discussed recent initiatives such as "Overseas Connection, Affection for Beijing" and "Beijing Qiaolian Warm Nest," which have added new vitality to their services for overseas Chinese.


The Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese has always focused on serving and supporting people-to-people diplomacy, overseas Chinese affairs publicity, and Chinese language education. They aim to enhance the understanding of Chinese heritage among the younger generation of overseas Chinese. Their initiatives include online camps and "Root-Seeking Journey" summer camps for overseas young Chinese, overseas Chinese language education forums, the establishment of the Capital Overseas Chinese Language Education Alliance, and the Hong Kong-Beijing University Alumni Alliance to strengthen overseas connections.


During the meeting, the delegation listened to the constructive suggestions of Swiss overseas Chinese and collectively looked forward to future development directions, with the goal of further enhancing the friendship between China and Switzerland.


The delegation also encouraged us to visit China more often, experience and appreciate the historic achievements of China's development in the new era, and actively contribute to promoting cultural exchange and mutual learning between China and other countries. 


On the second day, with the assistance of CIG Director Chu Jun, the delegation visited the Geneva Tourism Bureau and received a warm reception from Zhao Lei, the head of the China Department of the Marketing Division of the Geneva Tourism Bureau.


They engaged in discussions, learned about the historical background and development of an international metropolis, and exchanged experiences. The delegation expressed their appreciation for Zhao Lei's professionalism and dedication and extended a sincere invitation for the Geneva Tourism Bureau to visit Beijing.


The Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese's visit to Switzerland was a complete success. As Vice Chairman Su Yong mentioned, Beijing is the capital of China, and the Beijing Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese will always be a warm "home" for overseas Chinese at home and abroad. They sincerely hope that everyone will visit "home" more often.

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