CIG Students Passed the HSC Test with High Scores   [17.06.2021]

CIG Students Passed the HSC Test with High Scores

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2021 first HSC Test


In May 2021, CIG held the first Heritage Chinese Language Proficiency Test, shortened as HSC. Five students in CIG's elite mother-tongue class under the guidance of Teacher Ruiping AN took the exam and all passed the reading level 6 with high scores.


The HSC test has been developed by the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University, entrusted by the former Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China, and serves as a standardized and unified examination worldwide. 


Since CIG reached an agreement and signed the contract with the College of Chinese Language and Culture of Jinan University in China in June 2020, CIG has actively started to prepare and formulate an examination plan. We kept closecommunication with Jinan University and our team of teachers, in order to be familiar with the examination process and requirements.


Test successfully completed


First HSC Test held by CIG


The May 2020 HSC test organized by CIG in Nyon was our first experience. We received positive responses and support from both students and parents.


Our students have just received their scores and obtained the Chinese Proficiency Certificate. The five students are YuwaAN, Siqi CHEN, Ouze WANG, Xinping CHEN and Yufan HOU. Among them, Yuwa got a grade 6+, and the teachersfrom HSC test commented that her Chinese proficiency exceeded mother tongue students.


Future outlook


By organizing HSC test and understanding its design philosophy, test structure, test mode and level, we can help overseas Chinese youths better understand their Chinese language proficiency and ability, increase their interest in learning, and inherit and promote Chinese culture.


Sincere congratulations to our five students who have achieved good results, and to our teacher Ruiping AN. We thank them for providing reference benchmarks for our Chinese teaching guidance in future, and motivating us to make continuous progress and development in our work.

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