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With the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, CIG also switched to online Chinese courses. Instead of standing on the podium, our teachers started to take advantage of live video streaming to give lectures. From offline to online, our teachers took great effort to adapt to the multimedia and online teaching scenes. Undoubtedly the success of online courses is also inseparable from the strong support and cooperation of our parents.


Although our teachers had some understanding of online class before, they still felt “being in a flurry” when they were actually faced with it.

Under the guidance of two CIG directors, our teachers made plans by video conference, selected teaching software, tested functions, communicated with each other, and actively prepared lessons.

The teaching plans were made according to the age and family situation of the students in their respective classes, and our online teaching started with expectations as well as uncertainty.


As the course progressed, we noted that both our teachers and students quickly adapted to the new format, and the online courses have achieved good results.

In addition to the regular course, we also participated in the live and recording classes organized by the Chinese Language and Culture Education Foundation of China. During the live course, students can log in with their accounts, participate in real-time interactions, and attend classes with students from other overseas Chinese schools. The course consists of two parts: interior teacher lecturing and exterior teacher shooting on the spot and explaining. It is an excellent channel to understand and learn Chinese culture.

Our students interacted in real time through the live classroom on different interesting topics. We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to China for its strong support for overseas Chinese education, with so many rich and diverse learning resources.

Where there's a will, there is a way. We will work hard together and hope that we could achieve good results. We also hope that we could overcome the difficulties and defeat the virus very quickly, and return to our normal life and study as soon as possible!

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