2019 Beijing International Students Summer Camp   [29.08.2019]

2019 Beijing International Students Summer Camp

The 2019 international students summer camp was successfully concluded in Beijing. Nearly 700 Chinese and foreign students and teachers from 28 countries on four continents participated in the camp.

This year, CIG group consists of 12 Swiss teenagers and our CIG teacher Ms. Yu-hsin Chang, the team leader. 

CIG student Elise was chosen to speak as an international student representative at the opening ceremony

The speeches of Chinese and foreign student representatives fully reflect the spirit and purposes of the annual international summer camp, i.e. to promote Chinese culture, to strengthen the exchanges between Chinese and foreign teenage students, and to promote their understanding and respect of multiculturalism.

The summer camp includes not only a number of historical sites and museums visit, but also exploration and cooperation learning on the theme of China vitality experience day.

Visit to the Great Wall

Visit to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square 

China vitality experience day

National carnival

Visit to the technology institutions

It is worth mentioning that this summer camp also included visits to Chinese technology institutions. Swiss students went to visit the Lenovo, and were very impressed with Lenovo's rapid development and high technologies.

Performances at the closing ceremony

Mr. Tiangang GU (Director of Beijing International Education Exchange Center) and Mrs. Jun CHU (CIG Founder and Director)

CIG students prepared and self-directed their performance at the closing ceremony. Following a brief bilingual introduction by Grace (speaking in Chinese) and Tom (speaking in English), all members worked together to show a multicultural Switzerland with its four official languages (French, German, Italian and Romansh).

CIG student being interviewed

Although the Beijing international students summer camp is over, the friendship between these Chinese and foreign students continues. We hope that our students will keep their friendship for a long time, treat the diverse culture with a more equal and respectful attitude in future, and become a communicator of Chinese culture and a messenger of Chinese and foreign exchanges.







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