Study “Chinese education model schools” in Henan   [12.09.2018]

CIG participated in 2018 advanced study for principals of “Chinese education model schools” in Henan

CIG founder and director Mrs. Jun CHU and her assistant Mrs. Cuizhu WANG participated in theadvanced study for principals of “Chinese education model schools” in Zhengzhou, Henan province from 12thto 22ndAugust, 2018.  

Altogether 91 principals from 84 overseas “Chinese education model schools” in 27 countries attended this advanced training program launched by theOverseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China. All the participants were recommended by the Chinese Embassies or Consulates in specific foreign countries.  


Currently, there are more than 20000 overseas Chinese schools. Among them 304 schools have been selected by theOverseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of China as “Chinese education model schools”, in order to promote overseas Chinese education. CIG was awarded the honorary title of “Chinese education model school” in December 2017. Mr. Yousheng XU, Deputy Director of the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, granted the honorary plaque to CIG’s director Mrs. Chu.



On 15thAugust 2018, the principals from overseas Chinese education model schools had a seminar meeting with specialists from Henan overseas Chinese and education communities, from kindergarten, primary school, secondary school to universities. It was highlighted that overseas Chinese education has a long history and wide coverage all over the world. It is the strong foundation to efficiently promote Chinese language and culture. Nowadays globally there are hundreds of thousands of Chinese teachers and millions of students in more than 20000 Chinese schools from kindergarten to secondary high school. At the seminar the principals and specialists discussed fully the prospects of cooperation. Meanwhile, overseas Chinese schools also took this opportunity to share experience and seek proper solutions to common challenges. 

CIG founder and director Mrs. Chu made a speech at the seminar. She expressed her wishes to receive continuous support from relevant domestic departments. At the same time, she also sincerely hoped that overseas Chinese schools and Chinese educators could extend contact and exchanges, so as to learn from each other and to jointly promote the development of overseas Chinese education.

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