HSK exam December 2023   [20.06.2023]

HSK exam December 2023

2023 Switzerland HSK Announcement 

Exam date: 3rd December 2023 Sunday
Exam time: 10:00(HSK2,4,6) ; 14:00(HSK1,3,5)
Registration deadline
: 3rd November 2023
Arrival time on exam date: 9:30-9:50(HSK2,4,6); 13:30-13:50(HSK1,3,5) Exam location: Ecole Moser Nyon, Avenue Reverdil 4-6, 1260 Nyon Exam contents: HSK level 1 to 6 paper test
Area code: Switzerland 7350400
Registration: Online registration only! Please register via the link: 


Online registration tips: For new users please first register for the website, then 


log in to Exam fees: CHF 50 CHF 50 CHF 70 CHF 70 CHF 90 CHF 90 

proceed to examregistration. 

for Level 1 for Level 2 for Level 3 for Level 4 for Level 5 for Level 6 

Payment: Please pay your exam fees via e-banking. Reference field should be inserted with HSK level and name of candidate. Only registration with confirmed payment will be issued with an admission ticket. 

Bank account

Banque Cantonale de Genève Quai de l’lle 17
Case postale 2251, 1211 Genève 2 Account no. 5011.25.60 

IBAN: CH44 0078 8000 0501 1256 0
Clearing no. 788
In favor of: Chinese Institute Geneva Foundation 

Admission Ticket: As from 1 3 th November 2023, Admission Ticket is available online. Please log on (to the same website as you registered) and print it out. It is your responsibility to have the physical Admission Ticket. 

Exam results: The results will be available online 30 days after the exam. You may wish to log on to the same website to check. Results in paper will be posted to the address given during registration. 


Important to know:
1. On the exam date, all candidates are required to bring their admission tickets, 

identity documents, 2B pencils, erasers, and other essential exam supplies. 

2. Please arrive in time to ensure a smooth exam process. Contact person for the test center

Chinese Institute Geneva Foundation (CIG)
Sun Zhimin, An Ruiping(chinesetest@ciggeneva.ch) 

Chinese Institute Geneva Foundation June 2023 

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