CIG online summer camp 2020   [25.07.2020]

CIG online summer camp 2020

On July 20th, the Grand Canal cultural experience activity for overseas Chinese teenagers held by the United Front Work Department of the Jiangsu Provincial Committee was launched. More than 10,000 Chinese teachers and students from 168 overseas Chinese schools and associations of 36 countries and regions around the world gathered in the cloud. Under the explanations and teaching demonstrations of experts and scholars, they embarked on a journey of "appreciating the beauty of the canal and spreading Chinese culture".


In this sunny July, it should be the happiest time for students during the summer vacation. They could have the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture of China in person, but due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, we could not practice it. Fortunately, the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangsu Province brought us "timely rain" and launched an online summer camp experience of the Grand Canal. Therefore, our students can, without leaving home, get to know the world’s earliest excavated, longest mileage and largest artificial canal and experience thousands of years of civilization.


At 10 am Swiss time, the opening ceremony officially began. More than 80 CIG teachers and students participated in the live broadcast of the ceremony. The summer camp will last for 30 days. We will follow the live webcast to experience Jiangsu's profound folk art, long history and brilliant culture. After class, our students actively participated in the homework activities. The parents also responded enthusiastically and commented it a “worthy trip”: “our children learned in fun. The class not only allowed them to learn culture and increase knowledge, but also aroused their interest in Chinese history.”

(Pictures: CIG students homework)

Undoubtedly, the hard work of numerous staffs in front and behind the scenes, domestic and abroad, made it possible for the successful planning and implementation of such a large-scale event. Attributable to their careful arrangements and planning, our overseas Chinese teenagers could have the opportunity to gain insights into the long-standing history and culture of our motherland. Thank you very much!

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